European Association offers application for Syrian marriage in Germany and Europe

Looking for a partner in Europe?
Are you looking for a partner for your life in Europe?
In cooperation with a European association dedicated to the field of social events, organizes a special event for Muslim Syrians seeking husbands in Europe. Its goal is to secure a ground for a "serious" meeting so that they can meet with each other and explore the possibilities of following up on acquaintance and possibly connecting later
Steps: Project
 - Step 1: Gather information.
It collects general information about those who wish to participate (the attached link).
- Step 2: Selection of candidates. Through the information presented in the questionnaire to choose people more likely to link and match specifications in terms of age, geographical presence and other factors.
 Step 3: Determine the place and time and send invitations.
After the first steps, the invitations were sent to the candidates with the time and place for the meeting, which would be within the framework of a serious family with an integrated program of lectures on the general purpose of the effectiveness in order to give the participants a dialogue material they can open their conversations with a potential partner
To access the site click here
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