Learn bazaar dates and markets mobile Viaraf bazaar on the dates and mobile markets in Germany and the Saturday market Gerhaalmanaa Saturday market and other

Get to know this great application so that you do not miss a bazaar in Germany, where you can find the dates and addresses of bazaars in all the cities and villages of Germany. Bazaars in Germany are famous for their cheap goods. Download application for iPhone and Android phones from Google Play Store directly
Brief overview of the application:
A special application to learn about the times and places of mobile markets (bazaars) throughout Germany. This program will control all open markets nearby where you are located.
You can determine the distance of the bazaar about you for any distance of several kilometers close or far
The title of the market and today and the beginning of work and its end to the market
Most of these markets are Turkish, Arab, German and multinational
These markets differ from place to place depending on the population and nature of the place.
 Note The name of flea market means the open market or the user market, enter to download the application from here

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