Supporting needy people throughout Germany: getting a food basket for refugees for only one euro

The Tafel Foundation, which is of interest to all refugees, has now benefited more than 900 non-governmental organizations whose aim is to support those in need throughout Germany,
 Tafel offers donations of food and food items to the needy, free of charge or with a small fee.
In order to benefit from the services of the Organization, official documents of need and need, such as:
Unemployment benefit of class 2
Or minimum living requirements
Or pension for older persons
Or to approve a German asylum permit
Tafel distributes its aid in its distribution areas, which are open once or twice a week
To inquire about appointments please go to your local distribution center.
In order to benefit from the services of Tafel, it is necessary to register as an eligible collaborator, to obtain food items for a symbolic amount of € 1.50 per time
The site can be accessed from here

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