Watch out 10 foods destroy your teeth!

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Some may wonder about the foods that dentists warn of, they look like ordinary foods and some are healthy. But in fact it poses a significant risk to the teeth and gums. Popcorn, although healthy, sometimes causes inflammation of the gums as it enters the teeth, and may cause a fracture in the teeth if eaten raw.
. Dried fruit
Although it is a good source of fiber, it is a real disaster for teeth. It is not the sugar contained in the cause, but it is attached to the teeth and difficult to remove only by washing teeth for a period of fold. Therefore, doctors are advised to eat only fresh.
Chilled coffee
Eating cold coffee several times a day leads to tooth decay. The sugars contained in coffee work to prevent saliva from exercising its function as a tooth protector. Over time, the salivary glands fail to fight bacteria that attack the teeth.
Excessive intake of nuts causes teeth to become severely inflamed, remaining in the teeth. Therefore, doctors recommend brushing teeth after taking them for at least two minutes
hot lemon
Do not follow the tips of drinking lemon hot in the morning to lose weight, it may be destroying your teeth. Lemon contains strong acidic substances that remove the enamel layer on the teeth and are very sensitive.
Ice cubes
If you are an ice-chewing addict, you should immediately stop the habit, because chewing the ice causes a severe strain of tooth enamel. It may also break the pieces of your teeth.
-Energy drinks
These drinks contain a high percentage of sugar and citrus, and are used by many people who want to increase their energy, such as students who want to spend the night studying. In fact, these drinks encase the teeth with a substance that over time causes pockets of gum, teeth and decay.
 Raisins with chocolate
It may be a favorite of some people, it is added to cakes or can be eaten with chocolate only. But it also leads to decay. The raisins themselves contain a high amount of sugar as well as adhesion to the teeth. Chocolate also contains a high percentage of sugar.
 - potato chips
Although many of us feel happy, many potato chips are filled with large quantities of starch, which turns into sugar suspended between the teeth causing decay.
And drinks that may lead to tooth decay and decay.
 - candy
Candies cause tooth decay because they contain a high percentage of sugar, as well as sticking to the teeth when chewing. Therefore, doctors are advised to choose low-sugar types
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